Extra-curricular Activities
Sports and Games

Physical Education is an important and integral part of personality formation. Therefore utmost importance is given to sports and games, which are pursued under the guidance of a well-trained Physical Director. The Physical Education programme of the college is so planned that it provides an occasion for students to cultivate team-spirit, co-operation, mutual adjustment, forbearance, endurance and sportsmanship.


Seminars are organized on contextual and subject-related topics. Competent persons from colleges and from other institutions and organizations are invited to address our students. These seminars offer the students an opportunity to break the monotony of classroom lessons, to listen to different scholars, to exercise creative intellectual skills and to develop different pedagogical methods.

Subject Clubs

Every department or subject has its own club, aimed at offering opportunities for creative assimilation and updating knowledge in the respective field of education. Having teachers as advisors, these clubs offer ample opportunities to develop and display their talents in panel discussions, debates, essay writing, brain storming sessions, symposia and elocution.

Fine arts programme

Fine arts sharpen the intellect and mellow the character. They make the persons open and expressive. Bishop Agniswamy College of Education provides ample opportunities for the students to train and drama. Fine Arts Day celebration, celebration of religious, national festivals and the College Day are the occasions for the display of their talents in fine arts.

Placement cell

Placement cell opens the door to employment opportunities through the placement cell of Bishop Agniswamy College of Education equips the students to face interviews with self-confidence. The over-all training is imparted. Every year quite a good number of our student teachers are being placed in reputed institutions all over the state.

Grievance cell

The motto of our college is Arise & Shine. In order to fulfill this motto we went suggestions from our students to make our college a successful intuition. We have realized that everyone us have some weakness and limitations and we are ready to rectify our shortcomings. For this we have got a grievance cell in our college and suggestion box is kept where the students are encouraged to write their suggestions. The letters of the students will be experts are there to read kept confidently and remedial measures will be taken accordingly.

Alumni Association

The former students of Bishop Agniswamy College of Education are invited to keep their contact alive with their Alma Mater. This is an association that helps the alumni to keep their friendship ever new and to pool resources together to make the world a better place for all. Thus the former students too continue to participate in the life of the college today.

Methods of creative Assimilation and Communication (SUPW)
It is an age of creative communication in which the method is as important as the content of communication. As a born communicator, human person has infinite capacity both for assimilation and communication. Arts, crafts, drawing, painting, sculpture, computer-graphing, embroidery, photography, screen printing, poster-drawing, chart-writing, sketches, power-point programming, etc. are some of the ways in which the student teacher is encouraged to develop creative assimilation and communication of concepts, ideals and data pertaining to different subjects.
Citizenship Training Camp
Formation in civic life is another integral part of the activities of Bishop Agniswamy College of Education. This will be a five-day programme consisting of physical exercises, cultural programmes, talks on good-manners, health and hygiene, social awareness, human rights, history of the nation, world situation, traffic sense, principles of safety and first-aid, etc. These programmes are aimed at instilling into the participants a spirit of civic and social sense, so necessary for the prospective teachers to create a new world. A feeling of nationalism is created in the student teachers so as to make them conscientious and responsible citizens of the world.
Internal Quality Assurance Cell (IQAC)

The primary aim of the Internal Quality Assurance Cell is to develop a system for conscious, consistent and catalytic action to improve the academic and administrative performance of the institution. Our college established IQAC on 2010 for enhance quality in education and also for the comprehensive development of the college.


Suggestion Cell
The Management of Bishop Agniswmay College of Education is well aware of the reality that excellence can be achieved only with the cooperation and participation of all. The establishment of a suggestion cell indicates the openness of the Management for any constructive criticisms and suggestions. Opinions, suggestions and grievances of students, teachers, parents and visitors can be directly given in writing to the suggestion cell, or they can be put in the suggestion Box. Full confidentiality will be kept and proper practical suggestions will be carried out.
Cultural Competitions
Sports and Games
CitizenshipTraining Programme
We have Alumni Association in our college.  It helps the present students to have a harmonious relationship with the old students…
Our college is very proud to have placement cell, which enables the students in all facets of life.  This placement cell plays a very important role for job opportunity.
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