• The College is furnished with a well-equipped computerized library for the benefit of all the students. 
  • Every student is expected to cultivate constant reading practice which is an effective way to keep abreast of knowledge.
  • Strict silence should be observed in the Library Reading Room so as to provide a fitting atmosphere for reading and research.
  • For utilization of books from the Library Stock Room, the following procedure is followed.
  • A student can borrow a maximum of only three books, for which each student is provided with three Library Cards for B.Ed. students and five cards for M.Ed. students.
  • A book can be retained by the student for a maximum period of ten days.
  • The borrowed books may not be exchanged among the students.
  • No one should make pencil or pen marks in the books or scribble anything in them.
  • The books or volumes in the reference section should not be taken out of the Library.
  • The Library cards are always subject to verification by the Librarian.
  • Loss of Library cards should be immediately communicated to the Librarian.
Computer Education
The Computer has become the most amazing teaching tool ever invented.  Hence Computer Education is a part of curriculum in Bishop Agniswamy College of Education.  Every student is provided with a computer with Internet accessibility.  Moreover, the computer lab of Bishop Agniswamy College of Education is spacious enough to accommodate 50 students at a time.  That makes group computer education possible.  To make themselves into effective and efficient persons at school and at home, the future teachers are expected to avail themselves of the facilities offered at Bishop Agniswamy College of Education.
Language Lab
The Bishop Agniswamy College of Education is equipped with a fine language laboratory.  Students can perceive the sounds of different phonetic symbols and hear them distinctly.  It helps them develop their pronunciation, accent and intonation.  Every student has provision to stop, rewind and replay the tape at any time.  The students can work at their own pace.  They can select the materials freely and the teacher can listen to individual students without disturbing others.  The teacher can communicate with the students and also control the programme at anytime.


Cultural Competitions
Sports and Games
CitizenshipTraining Programme
We have Alumni Association in our college.  It helps the present students to have a harmonious relationship with the old students…
Our college is very proud to have placement cell, which enables the students in all facets of life.  This placement cell plays a very important role for job opportunity.
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