1. Class Hours
Forenoon : 9.30 A.M. to 12.30 P.M.
Afternoon: 1.20 P.M. to   4.00 P.M.
Evening   :  4.00 P.M. to   4.45 P.M. (Consulting the faculty / Group study)
2. Attendance
The institution demands 100% attendance.   Prior permission from the principal is required to avail oneself of leave.  95% attendance is, however, required to qualify for the final examination.  The student should be punctual to classes and to every other event.
3. A gate pass from the principal is required to leave the premises during college hours.
4. Students are expected to move quickly and quietly when they go from one class to another.  They are not supposed to visit the canteen in between class hours.
5. Students are expected to read the notices on the college notice board.  Ignorance of any notices will not be accepted as an excuse for failing to comply with it.
6. Students must respectfully wish a member of the college staff when they meet him/her.
7. Students should be neat and decent in their dress and person.  They must be courteous in and outside the college in speech and action.
8. Students should consider college property as their own and should cause no willful damage.
9. Usage of cell phone is strictly prohibited inside the college campus.  They can use the coin box kept in the college in case of emergency.
10. Regularity and punctuality for class tests, term tests and model exams are stressed. Disobedience, irregular attendance, bad conduct and manners and non-observance of the rules of the college shall meet with strong disciplinary action.
11. Teaching practices
As a teacher in training, every student should complete forty days of intensive teaching as directed by the Principal, in a recognized High School or Higher Secondary School.  The student-teacher is expected to show full dedication, commitment and involvement in these sessions of teaching practice.
12. Admission

The candidates should have passed the UG degree examination in the 10+2+3 stream.  The candidates with the following marks in the Bachelor’s degree are eligible for admission to the course (OC -50%, BC-45%, MBC/DNC-43%, ST-40%).  To arrive at the above % of marks, the mark obtained by the candidate in Major and Allied subjects including practical shall be taken in to account.  For M.Ed. ourse, the candidates should have passed B.Ed. degree examination with a minimum of 50% marks in theory and practicals.

Cultural Competitions
Sports and Games
CitizenshipTraining Programme
We have Alumni Association in our college.  It helps the present students to have a harmonious relationship with the old students…
Our college is very proud to have placement cell, which enables the students in all facets of life.  This placement cell plays a very important role for job opportunity.
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